Please enjoy this wild rumor.

Once upon a time, an official NHL website had pictures of the redesigned Sabres jersey, something for which the people of the hamlet of Buffalo had been pining. A silly boy posted the pictures accidentally.

“O, no,” the boy said. “I will surely be whipped until my skin is in tatters and fed to the boars!”

He leapt up and removed the pictures, but it was too late. They had been stolen.

“Joy!” shouted the people. “A new logo!”

“The blue and the gold are there,” they said.

“It looks like Barney Rubble’s hair,” they said.

“It is both old and new,” they said.

“It looks like poo,” they said.

What the people did not know is that the new logo was enchanted, drawn by a wise old man who lived alone in a mountain cave. Men who wore the sign became faster and stronger, and their weapons would not break. They beat devils and lightning, hurricanes and maple leaves, panthers and finally flames to steal the silver chalice and return with it to the little hamlet. And the people of the hamlet were happy.

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Remember when the Sabres changed to the black and red with the “goat” logo? Many “purists” were heard wailing and gnashing their teeth, loudly decrying the new look. But it didn’t take long for them to purchase the new jerseys, shirts, hats, etc. at the Sabres store. (Especially when the team started winning)

I like the change back to blue & gold. It will take a while to get used to the new logo. I prefer the old-school logo, but I think the new one looks better than the goat.

According to the Sabres, the logo is correct, but the pictured uniform is not. So I’ll have to reserve judgement until that comes out.

Meanwhile, I wait breathlessly for the new season to begin.

My favorite comments about the new logo are:
“it looks like Bigfoot’s dick”
“We’re talking PROUD!” (mantra from an early 1980’s civic pride campaign in the city featuring similarly whooshing cattle.)

I still wish they’d focus on sharpened swords rather than yet another jersey with fucking cows on it.

has anybody seen these?
they were the source of a similar rumour a few years back; the difference, of course, is that the logo at the aforementioned link is good….The problems with this newest rumoured logo?
1.) still a goat, just blue and gold. even similar stance and style to current goat.
2.) no legs on goat. why no legs on goat?
3.) no sabres, except through the B, which is like the after-thought logo. as in, “oh yeah, we have to put a sabre in it.”

weak, very weak. go with the ones at that link above, and everybody’s happy. why is it so hard? can you do no less?

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