Dancing’s for Another Day

Today’s lunchtime conversation: Fraggle Rock.

The Doozers, the benevolent hard-hatted fairies of the Fraggle world, baffle me. What a horrid existence, consumed by the sisyphean task of building and rebuilding their radish-steel buildings, only to watch as the relatively giant fragglekind eat them for pleasure.

Perhaps, though, they have attained some atlantean zen society. If it weren’t for the sons and daughters of fraggledom, they would be able to build their sugary utopia in days. What, then, would they do with themselves? Life without work is misery, so why not create an impossible task for you and yours? An entire species devoted to an unattainable ideal, happily plugging away towards it until judgement.

This, clearly, is the secret of their people, known only to the eldest of the Doozer elders. And the Trash Heap, of course.

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When I was a kid my sister and I used to catch the new episode every Sunday night before bedtime. I never gave the show that much thought since I was like say 8 or 9 though… that was until my parents went and bought my daughter a DVD box set of season one, which (of course) she loves. I have to admit that the whole experience of watching these over again after 20+ years is somewhat surreal.

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