Kinda boring, too

Looks like ma bookie Del is slowly working his way towards stardom, his likeness appearing in an ad for what appears to be for a videogame in which you point at the sky and say “Holy shit, it’s the Christ!”. Maybe you kill demons or something.

I normally eschew discussions of religion on B A Start, but here’s what bugs me about the rapture. So, all the good people go to Heaven and everybody else stays of Earth, which has recently been transferred to new ownership. What kind of Heaven is it to watch loved ones suffer at the hands of Satan? I mean, you get up there, look around, and notice a few coworkers are missing. Doesn’t that bug you a little when they hand you the harp, the knowledge that people you know will spend a thousand years being tortured? Or is that the kind of thinking that gets you kicked out. Either way, it just doesn’t sound all that heavenly to me.

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No worries sir. The "pre-trib" notion of the rapture as you've noted, and the one the media feasts upon (books, movies with Kirk Cameron, etc…) was a concept developed in the 1830s. Most Christianity eschews this view.(Catholics, and most Protestant sects) The "Final Day of Judgment"-(particularly in Thessalonians) has more widespread acceptance. Personally, being a follower of the Church of Rome all my life, I've been subjected to many teachings that seem illogical, or difficult to wrap my mind around. I believe, because I think it is impossible for a human to comprehend the mechanations of the Divine, given that he only has mortal parameters (i.e. the mind) to work with. Who really knows how Judgment Day or "the rapture" if you will, will turn out? Maybe all your co-workers and loved ones will be saved, or maybe none of you will, or maybe some will and some won't, but your consciousness as a soul will not have the mortal feelings you feel know, but instead will be solely focused on becoming one with the Divine. I dunno, but hopefully that's a long way off my friend! P.S. forget the harp, I want a pearly banjo!

Bro, sorry but I just had to use "eschew", I loved that you threw that in your article, more people should use that word!!! It's got such a great sound to it.

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