An Open Letter

Dear Mark, Johnny, and Greg –

I write to you to apologize. As you may remember, at Goose’s wedding we sat together. I had tied my tie with a windsor knot, and each of you had tied his with a half-windsor. When someone commented on my more formal, dare I say stately, knot, I took the opportunity to mock you, saying that I was the only person at the table who did not look as if he was going to his first communion. This was, perhaps, a bit much.

Please accept my apology. Also, the fine folks at Brooks Brothers have put together a site to help us learn even more knots. I couldn’t help but think of you.



3 replies on “An Open Letter”

truly, there is a balm in gilead, and it is this site. Finally, I can give my neck that slightly fatter, ‘in NOT getting communion TODAY’ look. excellent.

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