The decorative style in the B A Start household can most easily be described as “libraryey” or perhaps “libresque”. We like us some books. Her Worshipfulness, though, has often bemoaned the fact that a collection more often lacks uniformity, looking hodge-podge and patchwork.

My solution: why not pick up some large collections? We’d use them, and they have a standardized look. (Can you see how my nefarious plan is working? Slowly but diligently I move towards attaining my life-long goal of owning the OED.)

Here are some I’ve had my eye on:

The Harvard Classics — the “five-foot shelf” meant to equal a liberal arts education. Haven’t been in print for years, but a little Ebay action should do it.

The Loeb Library — The left page is in Greek or Latin, the right page the English translation. Both pages contain the foundations of Western thought.

The Oxford English Dictionary — Online subscription, shmonline subscription. If the full 20-volume version seems like overkill, too bad.

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