Deny Me Not

What? Son of a BITCH!

2 replies on “Deny Me Not”

No Ginny on a broom?
No “Weasley is our king”??
No Luna Lovegood and her roaring lion hat???
What the HELL, man?

but c’mon man…alex needs his fix…
don’t you hold out on me…
i KNOW you have some Quidditch…
i could, you know…do stuff for it…

Alex, while I know you aren’t like a heroin addict with it, the image of you in your everyday suit, all muddied and in tatters, with circles under your eyes, grabbing a seedy looking man with a mullet and an old leather jacket, asking, nay, DEMANDING Quidditch to feed the monkey on your back is too delicious. How long have you been ‘chasing the broomstick’?

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