The Sposta Postah

“Supposed to”. It means “assumed true”, but we use it to mean “should”. “Jimmy Hoffa is supposed to be dead” vs. “You’re supposed to watch out for that! It’s your job!”.

This is lame. I propose a new word: sposta.

spo-sta (spoh-stuh) – auxiliary verb.
1. should; ought to; must. He’s sposta wash the dishes.

O, Blogworld! Unedited publishers, unite! Use the word! Show those leather-elbowed oligarchs at Merriam-Webster that the language is ours, that it lives here with us on our gaudy webpages and not in their dust-blanketed mahogany bookcases.

Let ‘sposta’ be the warning shot across the bow of their reputation. They would be wise to recognize our meager word — if not we will hit them with a flood of new verbiage equally if not more base and plebian. We don’t need their authoritarian condescension anymore, and if they don’t want to be completely supplanted by pure democracy, that had best show we groundlings some respect.

Why should the linguists decide what is correct? Sposten’t it be a decision made by all users of the language equally? How dare people who have dedicated their lives to the study of English claim the right to rule over it! Just because you have thirty years of experience and alphabet soup after your name doesn’t mean you know more than us, especially if we’re loud and numerous. Proletariat!

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Ahhh, but if not pronounced correctly, it could be mistaken for the contraction of “it’s pasta”. I SUPPOSE your suggestion has merit, though.

I trust the cunning linguists in all matters regarding spellings, definitions and word genesis. Leave it to the masses, and you wind up with people saying “I LOLed.” in a wholly unironic, serious manner, without understanding why I am retching.

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