Wave Of Babies

Overheard at work:

“I’m finding that I get sick a lot when I eat.”
“That means the baby will have a lot of hair.”


I’ve learned far more than I should about the birthing of babies from the apparent safety of my desk. Apparently water does not only break, but it can also be broken by a licensed physician — an act I dasn’t imagine. If you yawn, the umbilical cord will strangle the half-formed progeny. The mother’s nose changes shape during pregnancy, but snaps back to normal at an undisclosed later point. Also, men simply do not get it, and they should try lugging around all that extra weight and having a hungry little person inside them for nine months before they complain about anything. All valuable lessons.

One reply on “Wave Of Babies”

wave of babies indeed. there’s a lot of birthing about these days. Although, note that China’s birthrate (ranked 163rd) is just below that of the U.S. (ranked 154th), so on the whole apparently we aren’t making a wave of babies.

Also, please note that if you like gettin’ it on with no, ummm, impediments, Africa is the place to be.

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