Starting Lineup

Brian Campbell of the Buffalo Sabres.

Sabretooth from the Xmen movie.

Clearly the same person. This begs the natural question, which members of the Xmen would make good men’s hockey players, assuming a ‘limited powers’ rule?

Iceman, naturally. Very at home in the environment.
Magneto. Skates are metal.
Longshot. A lucky carom here and there would be helpful.
Gambit. Lots of practice with small flying objects.
Beast in goal.

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Gabby its Kitty Pride and yes great choice!

Also, Wolverine for fighting, Nightcrawler to prevent any offsides, Jean Grey (obvious reasons), Beast in goal yes, but also the Blob or Colossus would be a great goalie. Mystique to create a “too many men on the ice” penalty for the other team. Archangel, to keep the team healthy (his blood has healing powers, so no DL for superstars)Quicksilver and the Juggernaut Bitch! for shoot outs, and well that’s all I can think of right now

He’s not an X-man, but Bullseye deserves mention. He’d be able to find a slot no bigger than the puck itself and just light up any goalie.
The Scarlet Witch could cause skates to fall apart, sticks to break, helmets and padding to unfasten, etc.
In summary, everyone but Cyclops, really.

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