Cover Time

Yes, the time has come for me to make a cover for Rhymer. The recording process for the podiobooks version starts this weekend, and (assuming they accept the project) I need to get the associated image ready.

Rhymer is a retelling of an ancient Irish imram (seafaring wonder voyage myth) set in a sci-fi space universe.  My goal is to convey this in an image.

I’ve been digging on all the minimalist covers/posters which have been running around online, so a few circles and vectors led to this:

Green circles = space, right?  And a sailboat where a spaceship would be = something unusual and ancient is afoot here.


My first draft of the complete cover keeps with the minimalist thing.  The font looks like 70’s mythology text to me, very D’aulaires’.

I used this as the cover for the proof copies I Lulu’d up to make editing and proofing easier. It looked OK, but much more suited to online.


For draft #2, I poked around for 60’s and 70’s book covers to see what the masters did.

And yes, I added a distressed look because I am a book nerd. The drawing for the logo is taken from one of a hanafuda cards.  Chance, games, and weather play major parts in the book, so the Rainman card seemed a natural choice.


Of course, e “covers” don’t really need all the same stuff that RL covers do.  Like, ya know, words and all that.  Perhaps I’ll end up just using the “icon” version. Hmm….

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I approve. Circles do = space, I say. It even makes me think of the huge solar system mobile my teacher hung in our 4th grade classroom. Circles also = water, though, which I think completes the connection of your nautical story re-told in space.

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