Here We Go Again

The Nanowrimo people have issued another challenge: Script Frenzy. A 20,000 word play or movie script written exclusively in the month of June. Considering the timeless work of high literature I squeezed out last November, how can I resist? Now, if only I had a plot….

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Logline: A traditional old Western town resorts to desperate measures when under attack from a giant set of wind-up chattering teeth.

Jim finds unexpected desire when he returns to his Catholic grammer school as the new Phys.Ed. teacher. There, his passions are flamed when he reconnects with his former eighth grade teacher Sister Mary Claire, her stern countenance and trusty wooden ruler.

young man discovers he has x-ray vision after a surprisingly benign radiation poisoning accident. Shenanigans ensue.

Sally is shocked to find that she has psychic abilities when she begins to find cryptic messages in her morning bowl of Alpha-Bits.

If this shows up twice, my apologies. My other comment showed up…

This is very tempting to try. However, I don’t think my major professor would be amused to learn I had written a 20,000-word play when I won’t get around to finishing my 2,000-word journal article.

Do Pinter pauses count toward the total?

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