Appointed Rounds

The Postal Service and I have not been getting along so well as of late. Not the band The Postal Service, with which I have maintained a quietly devoted friendship, but rather the United Stated Postal Service. Apparently flying like an eagle involves either withholding or completely losing packages. Not only did my horribly pretentious copy of the Idylls of the King travel a long and tortuous route to my doorstep (causing much fear and dismay in the mind of the Ebay seller), but the USPS managed to completely misplace a Netflix return, calling into question my integrity as a subscriber. Perhaps the postal gods feel slighted because I have yet to use those Star Wars stamps.

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You mean to say that you purchased a book to be delivered by mail other than the new Harry Potter?

You have obviously angered the postal Gods.

Repent while there is still time!

Yeah? Trying telling the post office to forward your mail to your new address when the new address has a forwarding request on it already for people of the same last name. You’ll find that about half of your mail goes to the wrong address, and that official change-of-address notices go out to such parties as your mortgage holder, bank, and credit agencies. Fun.

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