Usage question. The store “Sofas etc…”.

Should it be “Sofas etc….”, with a period for the et cetera abbreviation followed by an ellipsis?

Perhaps “Sofas etc…..”, with the above and then the period which ends the phrase?

I’ll ask my buddies Strunk and White, but I doubt they would deign to discuss it.


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shouldn’t there be a comma after sofas? and i’m going with 4 dots, as i always thought the ellipsis signified the end of the phrase.

Wouldn’t “etc.” and an elipsis be redundant, since they both suggest there is more you aren’t saying?

so many secret sofas.

The true grammatically correct is to completely surround the phrase with periods:
.Sofas, etc.

Sorry, Greg, but I don’t think one can trust the language advice of a man who says, “The true grammatically correct.”

I think the point here is context and aesthetics, not grammar. “Sofas, etc…” just plain looks better.

I always get a kick out of a business that is a “house of” something. Think about it. You’re driving along and see “Sofas etc….” next to “House of Sofas.” Where are you gonna go? My money is on the HOUSE.

G – Yes, I think you’re right. There must needs be a comma.

S – I see what you mean… etc. //raised eyebrow//

G – Perhaps some ASCII art is in order.

P – Nope. This is a grammar post. To be fair, on this sign each period in the ellipsis is a different color, clearly done with the highest aesthetic sensibilities in mind.

J – Sign’s too small.

J – I dunno man. IHOP?

It may be a grammar post, but that dog won’t hunt, monseigneur. The name of a store needn’t conform to grammatical standards. You’re asking a usage question about a phrase whose context does not demand proper usage. There can be no satisfaction if you just bang your head against that wall.

And that’s the true grammatically incorrect.

Where the hell have I been all month?

Yes, comma. Yes, period after “etc”. Yes, an ellipsis really has no business following “et cetera”. Yes, I put periods outside quotation marks unless it is dialog. Yes, I rarely call them “full stops”. Yes, both ellipses and “etc.” are grossly overused. Yes, and incorrectly used. Yes, I am desperate need of a couch of my own. Yes, I usually say couch. Yes, I realize that means I am in agreement with a Koontz. Yes, I realize none of these sentences start with “no”. Yes, I also realize there is little chance that anyone will actually ever read this. Yes, I am going to keep going anyway. Yes, I do have work to do. Yes, I’m tired and need a nap. Yes, I think that the aforementioned sofa store should give me a free couch. Yes, I think it should otherwise burn to the ground. Yes, I really like the word “sofa” better if I think about it. Yes, I’m just too used to saying “couch”. Yes, “couch” looks funny when typed out. Yes, I like soba noodles. Yes, I really should get to that work now. Yes, I’ll probably just take that nap instead.

Conclusion: “Cush!”

If you don’t know, you better ask someone.

Oh, wait, you just did.

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