The Trail of the Dead

Wandering the webs, I came across the New York Foundation for the Arts site, including info on artists’ fellowships. A quick perusal of the app reveals what they want from you:

“A representation of your recent artistic work within the last 5 years.”

This represents a large corpus of work for, let’s say, Jess, but for me? Let’s see…

  • Several drafts of the Magnum Space Opus, the most recent of which being written mainly in a single month.
  • A play written under similar restraints.
  • One piece of flash fiction, sent to Artvoice and rejected.
  • One sci-fi short story, sent to a few magazines and rejected.
  • A version of Jorinda and Joringel.
  • Another short story submitted to a contest. No prize awarded.
  • Another few remarkably horrible short stories.

None of this has been published, of course. I have yet to develop the discipline to really edit stuff (spell-check is enough, right?) and there’s always another ephemeral concept waiting in the wings, begging for my attention. The next project, that will be the one I really throw myself into.

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