That Guy

Those of you who have been keeping tabs on my dream library (Todd) will be happy to know a set of 1909-10 Harvard Classics arrived today.

My feelings, like a prep school dance, are mixed. The HC are truly meant for poser intellectuals, which of course I am, but regardless I love them. I could be pressed to say I lurv them, if provided enough alcohol.

Today’s fifteen minutes consisted of half a chapter of the Confessions of St. Augustine. zzzz. Here’s hoping Two Years Before the Mast grabs the attention a tad more. I will, as always, keep you posted.

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On a highly related note, not two hours ago, I landed a collection of twenty-something Choose Your Own Adventure books for $6. There was some freaky deja-vu going on looking at the covers. I still remember where all the CYOA books were in the Thornton’s Ferry Elementary School library.

Cave of Time, here I come!

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