It’s fate.

Dear MTV –

You must have heard I called in sick today. Why else would you play a straight hour of animated videos in the middle of the day?

You should know that all in all, I was satisfied with your choices. Daft Punk’s “One More Time” and “Money for Nothing” by Dire Straits are the obvious historical choices, and you did well to include them. “Move Your Feet” maintains its hilarity and “Breaking the Habit” will never cease to be awesome.

That being stated, why two Gorillaz videos? And why was neither of them 19/2000? Also, that Tupac video is awful. I am literally filled with awe at how bad it is.

My only additions might have been “Paranoid Android” (though its like seventy minutes long, weird, and only important to Radiohead freaks, so maybe “Pyramid Song“), Matthew Sweet’s “Girlfriend” in place of the Daft Punk thing, and lego-tastic “Fell in Love with a Girl“.


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um, the Paranoid Android video is hilarious! I can’t believe it wasn’t included. i’m off today as well but i missed out…

Please tell me they played “Take on Me” by a-ha.

Fact – the lead actress in this video is named “Bunty Bailey” I shit you not.

My favorite all time animated video was “Rolling” by Soul Coughing, set to an old Betty Boop racing cartoon.

I’m not sure if the Cartoon Network guys did it themselves or just liked it so much they played it a lot.

No love for Claymation Tupac Alex? You wound me. If you like the Daft Punk video have you seen the entire “Intastella 5555”? It’s an entire animated movie with the Discovery Album as the sound track. I highly recommend if you like “One More Time” as that video is pretty much just lifted from the movie.

Funny you should post about this, as last night the Attache and I were playing a YouTube version of this game.

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