Having been to New Orleans all of once (not nearly enough to start referring to it as either Nola or The Big Easy), I cannot claim to be an authority. I spent a few days in the French Quarter, venturing out to an A&P in a collegey area once or twice. Nonetheless, I feel perfectly comfortable making the following observation.

The bars in the French Quarter do not favor the colors green or purple. Even during my obligatory walk down Bourbon Street I saw neither color in any large amount. Why, then, do bars in Buffalo insist on decorating like the Joker when they try to go all New Orleans?

As you can tell, I went to Chippewa’s latest destination for skeeviness, Bayou, recently. Some multiple office happy hour thing. Nothing quite like seeing scores of business-casual, fifty-something suburbanites forced to suffer in a bar designed for nineteen-year-olds. As I remember, though, Ya Ya’s had a similar design approach.

Where did this come from? Are green and purple the official Mardi Gras colors? I know green is for Ordinary Time and purple is for Lent — is that it?

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Yes, purple, green and gold are the colors of Mardi Gras. I guess the question is, does the bar have a New Orleans (I mean N’Awlins – you forgot that level of familiarity) theme or a Mardi Gras theme?

the green, gold and purple do have specific meanings… sadly, both my memory and wikipedia have failed you.

Green and purple are the colors of choice at these types of establishments so that the vomit isn’t so noticeable.

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