Not with a bang, but with a whimper.

I start a new job Monday, a new position within the same company. This has been coming for quite some time, and while I understood it intellectually, the emotional wallop of passing my life’s work on to another person did not hit home until I moved my stuff.

I wrote an article for Artvoice a while back on how to decorate one’s office/cubicle, a subtle art to be sure. Just what does one want to represent? And how to do this? For now, my trappings are all hidden away. As I assert myself in the new space with time, though, these question will raise themselves again.

3 thoughts on “Not with a bang, but with a whimper.

  1. John

    I’ve moved offices so many times since I started at ECMC that I’ve completely lost interest in any sort of cubicle decoration. To be fair, I was directly involved in the creation of my most recent office area, and so I had input on things like lighting, paint, etc…

    one piece of advice: get a swingline stapler. They’re heavier and don’t bind up as much as that other brand.

    what’s the new job?

  2. alanna

    um… what trappings? I saw your office once. Pretty tame. Now Gabby’s workspace- that’s a different story.

  3. GabsOSteel

    oh man, we have so much to talk about. first – congrats! second, i definitely understand how hard it is to leave your life’s work behind. but you left it in good hands right?

    have a great first day!


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