Why do we fall?

I present to you, gentle reader, a series of events.

  • I receive clearance to grow a beard.
  • I grow said beard.
  • I am informed politely that the aforementioned beard is leaning towards the scruffy direction.
  • I buy a beard trimmer.
  • The beard is trimmed by Yours Truly.
  • I notice that my hair is also a tad on the scruffy side.
  • The hair is trimmed by Yours Truly.

So, if you’re wondering why on this sweet Earth I look like a cross between a mange-ridden chipmunk and a young Maeve Garvey, consider this mystery solved.

2 replies on “Why do we fall?”

We need pictures of shorn Alex.

Also, it’s a BEARD trimmer. For your BEARD. Next time, get a Flowbee.

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