BBBBQB Continued

For those of you who are not blogddicted enough to read comments, I received the following anonymous response to my previous post:

While the BBQ Beef is a No-Show this year, I hear from trusted sources the Mighty Taco is about to launch a new menu item on the 30th of June that is going to please the stomachs of many in Buffalo. I can’t wait too taste it myself!!!!

Hmmm…. I offer now an open letter to this mystery commenter.

Dear Anonymous,

Thank you for your interest in the plight of Mighty lovers. I was delighted to receive your comment, especially the words “this year”. What this phrase implies is that our beloved BBQ beef may return in the future. Please feel free to share my opinion with your trusted sources.

The beginning of BBQ beef season is a well-honored holiday in my household and in those of a large percentage of my friends. Few can deny that the delectable seasonal menu item is among the — if not the — tastiest offered by Mighty. Just last night, as a discussion was held bemoaning the plight of the BBQ-lover this year, it was called the best food produced locally. Never mind spiced chicken remnants; BBQ beef is tops.

While I am sure the new menu item will compare with the majority of the Mighty menu, I will be truly amazed if it provides the level of enjoyment which has been denied to us. I look forward to BBQ beef’s return next year, which will be received with great joy across the city.


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It’s nonfat tofurkey on an organic wheat tortilla. There is a new State incentive for NYS restaurants. I think it’s like a tax break for offering healthier fare/cutting back on “bad” fast food.

My inside sources say the new item is a Buffarito, a burrito made with chicken wings and blue cheese.

Has promise, but it’s a little like the McRib, right? Don’t chicken wings, by definition, have bones?

Well, we’ll see tomorrow, I guess.

“The best food produced locally.”

Dude, what? My eyes just can’t roll that far without damaging the optic nerve.

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