7 thoughts on “With lots of bubbles.

  1. GabsOSteel

    i have actually been recommending to some people to not go and see “TDK” for that very reason. nearly 3 hours of dark and disturbing images is not for everyone.

  2. Greg

    Jumper, really? It looked weak as hell. And it has Haden Christiansen.

    Wait, is it good for the same reason people liked 300?

  3. John

    Jumper is actually really entertaining. I watched it without high expectations, and while it didn’t knock my socks off, it was certainly entertaining. Hayden Christiansen is, in my opinion, a rather good actor.

  4. subscription girl

    i didn’t really get “300.” yeah, the guys were hot, but i prefer ‘splosions to blood and the heroes not all being dead at the end. did i just miss every reason people liked it?

  5. Garvey

    So… hang on. Are people “yawn”ing at the batman flick because it’s boring or because you all stayed up late to see the opening?

    Christ. If it’s bad, there’ll be hell to pay. Stupid DC.

  6. subscription girl

    no, it’s awesome! but i do yawn because i was up late and couldn’t sleep cause i was so creeped out. but in a good way.


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