The RLTP Project, Part 4

We’re rapidly approaching the next phase in the project, the one where actual actors get up and do a reading of the play. The director emailed me today to discuss, and asked me this question:

If I were to select 4or 5 sci-fi or fantasy movies to watch as dramaturgical research – what would they be?

Holy crap! Now there’s a question for the ages. My response below:

Certainly LOTR and Star Wars. I recommend the Sci-Fi Channel’s mini-series Dune (not the movie from the 70’s). Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within is a good, accessible anime movie based on a well-known Japanese video game series. For fantasy, Stardust and Willow are both fun watches. There is a Dungeons and Dragons movie which I did not watch, but may be good for research purposes. Also, there is a documentary called Trekkies about the extreme end of hard-core Star Trek geekdom about which I’ve heard nothing but positive reviews and certainly depicts the kind of people we’re talking about.

*snif* I’m so proud. An acolyte of my very own!

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