Alex and the Calling Cards: In Which A Customer Finds Satisfaction

At many points over the last year I have found myself in several situations in which having a calling card would make things easier. And not just because I’m a Victorian at heart. The magazine, the play, overtures from an art board, newfound family etc. etc. — carrying around a slice of study paper with my contact info on it would have come in handy.

A few weeks ago, re-caught my attention. Here’s a site that makes nice full-bleed cards for a reasonable price. There are a few places out there which say they make cards for free, but they look spurious at best. And Moo is in Britain. I mean, come on.

So I get to the process of making a design for myself. It should come as no surprise that I end up with a space invader. A few minutes in gimp and I’ve got the pattern set.

But what about color? Fortunately, provides lots and lots of excellent palettes. And, based on the spelling, again with the Britishness.

And there you have it — tiny little calling cards, perfect for most occasions. Don’t be shy now — give it a shot.

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