They call me the seeker.

Watched the latest Harry Potter last night. Good god damn does Quidditch get me going. So much so that I rented that Quidditch: World Cup game a while back. You know what? Not so good. One would think making a game with rules as simple as Quidditch would be easy peasy, and I still maintain that it could be great game if made properly. The developers seemed to focus a lot more on the funky, kid-pandering graphics than on gameplay. A lot of precious geek time is spent watching little cutscenes of special unblockable moves, which were pretty cool but very repetitive. You can’t end a game without catching the snitch, but some weird combination of events have to take place for the snitch to be released, which took me a while to figure out.

Now, if we could get the guys who made ESPN NHL 2K5 to make the next Quidditch game, we’d be getting somewhere.

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