myNotebook: Blue for the DSi

So close to being truly useful.

Come on, Nintendo. There should really be no need for me to carry around a notebook anymore. That valuable pocket space should be reserved for the DSi only.

The latest in a string of weekly updates carefully designed to bleed my wallet a few bucks (sorry, I mean “DSi Points”) at a time tells of a new lifestyle app — myNotebook: Blue. (Apparently Green and Red are to follow at later dates. Why? no clue)

Now, this is exactly the direction in which the DSiware apps should be headed. You’ve got a great touch screen, wireless, and an SD slot; there’s no reason the DSi can’t be used for increasingly useful purposes. myNotebook, unfortunately, falls a bit short of the mark.

It’s a scratchpad. A nice scratchpad, to be sure, and useful as such. Multiple pens styles and colors, auto-storing pages, and a simple interface see to that. And for two dollars, might as well go for it.

Notetaking nuts will be a little disappointed. Is there a memory limit? Why can’t I use the DSi’s keypad? I want to archive my notes — how? Can I organize them? Again, as a temporary scratchpad, myNotebook is fine, but I want a little more.

I’ve complained about this before. Just take MS Notepad and put in on the DS. Let me type away, then either send my file wirelessly or store it to my SD card. Do this for me, Uncle N, and I will never be seen without your product in my hands. Perhaps a future myLifeCollected app will fulfill this seemingly simple need.

And another thing — why do I have to unlock different ruling styles? What do you want from me?

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