Playstation Network Trophies on Facebook

Now all can know of your gaming

“Should I activate the PS3 trophy posts on FB?” a friend asked.  I answered quite strongly in the affirmative.  All of my social-network-capable friends and family get a little ping each time I knock out an achievement, download a demo, or buy a new song for Rock Band.  This can’t be any more annoying than updates on people’s mafias, right?

The response, in the main, has been positive.  There has been some teasing to be sure, but far more conversations have been prompted:

  • so what do you think? is it all it’s cracked up to be?
  • what are you playen (sic) bro
  • hey they dont have this demo in the UK 🙁
  • How far have you gotten? I’m actually having dreams now about assasinating (sic) fat Italian dudes via a blade to the face.
 See?  People talking about your favorite hobby.  Now Blizzard needs to add this function to Warcraft…

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