World of Warcraft Achievements on Facebook – How To

You may remember a post about PS3 trophies on Facebook, in which I suggested WoW do the same.  Well, clearly the fine people at Blizzard are reading this blog and waiting for the next pearl of gamer wisdom to drop from my lips.  They couldn’t possibly have come up with this on their own.
Here’s a quick walkthrough on how to make this happen:

  • First, look for the World of Warcraft Feeds on Facebook application.  Clicky.
  • You will need to link your account, done easily enough by a pop-up window upon the entry of your Battlenet info.
  • Next, you will be see your characters – pick the one you want to boast about.
  • The fun part comes next; picking what events you want to post.  Achievements, Boss Kills, and/or rare loot (with selectable parameters!) .

Easy peasy.  The app includes a “View in 3D” option, allowing you to show off your badassed mofo in all his or her glory.

Now get out there and tell some animals you love them!

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