DSi XL Feature News: Update Your Gray Matter

Yes, the DSi is the apex of gamer lifestyle hardware.  And yes, bigger might just be better.  So much marketing has gone into selling this little guy as the magic keep-your-brain-active tool that the pressure to make the screens legible to people over the age of ten has presumably been rained down upon the R&D folks in a torrent of directives and memoranda.  While the ‘nets are all hoping/assuming the DSi XL is meant to compete in the burgeoning e-reader market, perhaps it’s meant for something else.

The list of included software pretty much clinches it:

  • Brain Age™ Express: Arts & Letters
  • Brain Age™ Express Math
  • Photo Clock

What in Helsinki?  Where’s the Classic Book Collection?  How about a little PDF reader action?  HEAR MY PLEA!

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