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Top Five Final Fantasy Characters… on MSNBC?

Concept art by Yoshitaka Amano.What about me?

Apparently we live in a society in which mainstream news outlets care about Final FantasyMSNBC recently posted a list “the top five greatest” FF characters.  My feelings are mixed.

Pro: Hey!  FF on MSNBC!
Con: Isn’t “top five greatest” redundant?

Pro: Vincent Valentine!
Con: Tidus?  I mean… Tidus?  The crybaby?  Not Auron?  Or Yuna?

Pro: Balthier!
Con: Why aren’t there any characters from before 6?

Pro: Sephiroth!
Con: Sephiroth?  Obvious much?

While I am glad to see a big news site taking an interest, I am disappointed in the choices.  How were these characters selected?  Perhaps something more specific than “top greatest” would have been helpful.  Most memorable?  Coolest? 

The stories of Final Fantasy are certainly complex enough to merit actual literary analysis.  If you’re going to say “greatest”, I want to see a PhD involved.

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