The Death Star’s Cost (in USD)

Can a string of Facebook comments be considered fan fiction?  Remember this old post? After the events of Star Wars: A New Hope, no sane member of the Empire would believe the Death Star had been real.

An entire planet destroyed by a battle station? A man-made moon? This baseless nonsense has been sent around the galaxy in forwarded emails and treated as if it were fact. The explosion of Alderaan is the greatest tragedy in recent memory, and marginalized political groups trying to bend the facts to suit their ends is shameful.
Fact: The only accounts of the “obliteration” of Alderaan via a mysterious “Death Star” come from terrorists.
They allege that they destroyed this massive station and killed everyone on it. No witnesses — convenient.
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Some clever folks have estimated the cost to build a Death Star based on the current price of steel. It’s a lot. Just more fuel for the fan fiction fire.

PS: If you’re going to build a Death Star, make sure your components are genuine.


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