People watch plays.  They do.  They leave their houses and sit in the dark to watch people pretend to be other people doing things that aren’t real.  It’s like Plato’s Cave with an intermission.  Now, if we accept the above statements as true, it is safe to assume that someone must be responsible for the generation of these plays.  They don’t occur unbidden in nature to my knowledge.

Part of the playwright’s workload is asking people if they’re interested in seeing a script.  “Hey, I’ve got this script about love and loss in 1400’s Amsterdam.  Sound cool?  No?  OK, no big.”

I’m in the process doing this currently, and received a response I found odd:  “We only accept unsolicited scripts from agented playwrights.”

What?  Who are these agented playwrights you’re talking about?  I assume you mean “people who have agents because of the other writing they’ve done and decided to try a play.”  If there are agents out there who will represent someone based on the $25 they’ll get payed every two years, please let me know.