Frankenstein, the Interactive Novel

Finally had a chance to pick up the recent Frankenstein thing. I say “thing” because it’s not a book and not a game — nor is it really a combination of both. It’s something new. [Please pretend I inserted a fitting MW Shelley quote here. I mean, there must be one. Heck, I’ll take a Percy if it’ll serve.]

From the singularly glowing reviews I had read, I expected something literate and well-made. What I did not expect was to be utterly gripped after the first few choices.

How? How did this happen? The best I can tell is that it had something to do with point of view. It wasn’t “what do you do next”. It was “shall I tell you about…” and “oh lord, what should I do?”. Sure Mary can take much of the credit, but I just couldn’t stop reading. There  was none of the “but I want to climb to the top of the guillotine and sing When Father Painted the Parlour! Isn’t this a choice game?!?!” feeling. Just enough choice to let me decide what I wanted to read. I could skip backstory or go off on scientific tangents. A fun way to read, I’ll tell you that.

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