Zoom zoom.

One year left on the lease. I drive this. ($19K) I’ve been considering this, (low $20K’s) but we’ll see how it looks in real life come October. The other day, Her Worshipfulness saw a commercial which offered a low price, and thought we should get this ($17 K). My boss seems to think he pays me enough to suggest I look at this ($30K), but he clearly hasn’t looked at a budget report recently. So, anyone got any recommendations?

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I would also recommend either of the VWs; especially if you enjoy walking, tow truck fees, oozing orange goo, burning a quart of oil a month, terrible service, poor workmanship, self-destructing electrical systems, and very very fragile water pumps.

I do love my Jetta (almost beyond reason…), but I’m not sure I’d recommend it. I haven’t had too many problems in the 2 years I’ve had it – but weird stuff seems to happen with them. Like, getting in the car one morning and the stereo doesn’t work. When I took it in, I was told – oh, that happens at least once to every Jetta owner; it’s a simple fix, no problem. My response – well, if you know it happens on EVERY Jetta, why hasn’t anybody thought to fix that obvious problem? Then there was the day I put the passenger side window down and heard a loud thunk and the window wouldn’t come up anymore. Another quirtk that seems to happen to every VW owner at one time or another – again, because the window parts are made of plastic. It’s built to break – just hope it breaks while it’s still under warranty or you’re screwed. Cause the warranty isn’t all that great. In fact, it’s downright crappy…I’m actually thinking, as much as I love my Jetta, that I’ll trade mine in when the warranty goes away.

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