Her Worshipfulness muddled through the weekend a weakened state. Wrapped in a cocoon of archaic blanket, she sat in the Playstation room coughing and watching me play X-men: Legends, the poor dear. She held up well, with one exception: every time Emma Frost appeared, she wheezed insults at the screen, making some very bold statements about her promiscuity. You see, HW had read that Emma broke up the long-standing relationship between Cyclops and Jean Grey, and this was simply more than she could forgive.

Damn Marvel — soap operas with superpowers. You just don’t have these problems with the JLA.

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What do you call Smallville? Birds of Prey? That old Flash show from the nineties?

DC has its fair share of estro, too. Nothing as lame assed as Cyclops, though.

I call them "derivative".

I agree that there is a touch of the warm and more than a skosh of the fuzzy in DC, especially recently — but compare Lois flirting with Bats to get a scoop to optic blasts being used to etch "Scott & Jean 4 Ever" in treebark. Come on now.

The whole thing with Marvel is to talk about how it feels to be a superhero, Spidey being the prime example. And you know how I feel about the Whining Webslinger.

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