A relative of Her Worshipfulness’s says I look like Ben. I took me several iterations of this to realize she meant not some relative or friend, but rather Ben Affleck. Now, the veracity of this observation aside, it brings to light a social development which I simply do not understand: reference to celebrities by first names only.

How do you know which Jen is “Jen”? How does one receive this Kane-like honorific-free honor? Who decides? Does it change? Was it Jennifer Garner at one point? I was just at Dash’s and the latest rag declared the nuptials of two people I’ve never even seen before, but who are listed by first names only.

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I attribute this to the fact that there are so many damned people in the world (I know, I know I’m not helping) that people feel increasingly insignificant. I think this collective feeling manifests itself when the average Joe on the street starts referring to celebrities by their first name. I think it somehow makes people feel more connected to one another, and in our world of billions of souls all mired in mediocrity, what could feel better than having familiarity with someone to whom consensus has assigned the label “exceptional?”

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