Gamer Tattoo Tuesday: Modern Warfare 2

I have yet to see any photos of MW2 ink anywhere, and that’s a good thing.  This game, while certainly well-made, should raise the eyebrow of any participant.  Do you really want this much realism in a war game?  This is fun for you?  Killing Nazi zombies — good times.  Killing people whose concepts of a virtuous life differ from yours — worth a pause. 

Seems the most eligible image for a tattoo would be the insignia of Task Force 141.

Seriously, though.  Think about it.  Do you really want some vet stopping you and commenting on this? 

“Never seen that insignia before.  What division you in?” 
“Me?  Oh I just pretend to be a soldier on my PS3.”  
“…. You mock everything that makes America great.”

(Note — I had no idea joystiq had posted this Nazi zombie MW2 article mere hours before I posted.  Yes, it’s an archetype.)

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Look thru the pictures on the Facebook Modern Warfare 2 site, somebody got a Task Force 141 tattoo.

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