The New Game, and Awkwardness

I wrote and submitted a text-based game to IFComp 2010. The reviews were… well, they varied between “meh” and “I want to find this guy and slap him around for a few hours”. I used the medium to tell a specific story with the user choices varying the details — and the Choice of Games format just isn’t right for that sort of thing.  I mean, “choice” is right there in the title.

Over the last month or so I dug the game out and revamped it, ending up with a much better product. I’ve sent it off for review, and hope to see it up and running soon.

Here’s the thing. It’s set in the American Revolution.

Ok, fine. No big deal. Except that I recently did some stuff with the Assassin’s Creed people, and they just announced their new game, also set in the American Revolution. Awk. Ward.

Not my game

So, I guess in October we’ll see how much similarity there is between our stories.

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