DMing and Writing – Wendig’s View

A while back, I mused on whether or not being DM helps you become a better writer.   Crazytown Chuck Wendig posted about this topic as a part of Speak Out With Your Geek Out. I encourage you to check out his post, a few of my favorite points from which I will summarize below.

“Writer’s block does not live at the game table”.

Very, very true. When your PCs want to know just exactly who sent those golems to harass the spooky old tree-beast, you’ve got about two sips of beer to come up with an answer. And answer you will. Maybe when I’m stuck while writing, I’ll imagine some players asking me a question.

“Your story is the story of the moment, and it reminds you just how important it is to keep the audience in mind — not just your intent as storyteller but their interests, their needs, their attention.”

As soon as the eyes flick over to the iPads, I know I’ve lost them. My temptation is to have a slavering goblin horde burst in on the scene whenever that happens — and maybe I should. Chandler this thing up a bit. What I need is an iPad-eye-flick measuring device for when people read my fiction.  Hmmm….



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