Oh my.

I spent an hour and a half this evening trying to get a connection going between my brother’s PC and mine so we could play some XWA. (Not the aforementioned brother, denizen of the geekiest place possible (and I don’t mean “ever” or “on earth”; I mean actually possible as defined by the absolute laws of the universe. Oh, that’s right. Nested parentheses. What’s up now?!) , but his twin, who may just be a tad geekier, but whose apartment is only mildly geeky.) On any other night, I’d be pissed. But on this Election Night, I know I’d just end up following a very frustrating day at work with hours of checking the latest counts, try as I might to pretend I don’t care. An hour and a half of browsing the web while making an ill-informed suggestion now and then via IM was a welcome distraction from swirling graphics of elephants, donkeys, and greens.

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