Temet nosce

The Lord of the Rings movies took me on a bit of a rollercoaster ride. I approached them with trepidation and hope, since my love of the work had already been well established. The first movie disappointed. The second disgusted. The third finally satisfied. Purism is the source for this. I had many problems with deviations in Fellowship, but was slapped in the face by the travesty that was Two Towers. Return of the King stayed close enough to the original to get the thumbs-up.

I’m a pretty big fan of the Lord of the Rings novels, but my first and best love is Star Wars. And here’s the situation I find myself in: Episode I disappointed. Episode II disgusted. And now Peter Jackson has set me up for heartbreak. Try as I might to be all “it’s gonna suck”, there remains a small corner of my mind that hopes for a repeat. I saw the Episode III trailer yesterday, and it sure didn’t help. Take out that Yoda/Palpatine lightsaber nonsense and it looks like it might just be okay. By which I mean “I can barely keep myself seated from the excitement”.

One would think I would have learned from The Matrix.

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