I’ll call it the Aramis.

A lunch-time conversation about this led to a discussion of the recent trend in handheld devices, that being the all-in-one. Cell phones that are cameras. PDAs with wireless internet. Et cetera.

So, just what would the ideal all-in-one have?

  • Phone
  • Pager – a subset of phone, really.
  • Wireless internet – so we can all be mindless blackberry drones.
  • USB drive – disks are so 2002.
  • PDA, and everything that implies.
  • MP3 player
  • Digital camera
  • Video recorder – phones have these now, right?
  • DVD player – miniDVDs are on their way, so why not?
  • Videogame device – with the rash of handhelds coming out, add a D-pad to the thing and we’re go.
  • GPS device
  • Radio – kinda weird to think about, isn’t it? Transistor radios?
  • Satellite TV – possible? No clue.

Any of these would also be cool.

  • flashlight – so you can stop using the spooky screen-glow to find things in the dark,
  • tazer / mace / personal alarm – the issue here it, it becomes a weapon.
  • tweezers, toothpick, etc. Anything in the Victorinox Swiss Card
  • mini-projector – why not?
  • lighter – Colibri makes real small ones. Throw it on there! Need a light? It’s right next to the button that reveals all of my personal information!

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You know what I want real bad? One of the new Playstation handhelds (PSP?). It seems to incorporate a lot from your list.

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