Vroom vroom

Here’s the report on the Auto Show.


  • The ability of Buffalonians to consume food and beer. Amazes me every time.
  • Some dude giving away free samples of Viagra. Oh, I thought about it.


  • The Porsche Cayenne. Why?
  • Where was Audi?
  • What’s a guy got to do to find a car that isn’t an SUV, isn’t a boy racer, and isn’t an old man car?

I saw some very nice vehicles today. The GT (g) was there, and it was pleasure to view again. The Shelby Cobra occupied a pedestal, ready to be worshipped, as well it should. Surprisingly cool dashboard on that car. They had a Viper(g) there; always nice. Points for creativity go to Jaguar for bringing the XKR (g) from Die Another Day, complete with rear-mounted gatling gun. Why did I not bring a camera?

So, aside from the supercars, I didn’t really see a whole lot that did much for me. I want a car with 6 cylinders with price tag in the low twenties that isn’t a Scion. Since I drive a Grand Am now, I sat in the G6. Enh. The biggest surprise for me was the Suzuki Verona, just about the only car there that fit the bill. I’ll keep it in mind.

By the way, the cars with (g) after them are driveable in Gran Turismo 4. Heh heh heh….

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