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If you guys don’t read digg, you should think about it. I’ve added a button for ease. Thanks to them, I’ve got a few updates for you:

I was in error about the Aston Martin in Casino Royale. It’s the DBS, a new model which takes some styling cues from the DB5.

Here’s the first ever Superman comic book. Some startling differences from the Supe of today.

Looks like someone is genetically engineering grass to only grow two inches high. Dang it!

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Alex, That DBS is glorious!! However, you were not incorrect about the car in the trailer. If you pause it and go frame by frame, you will indeed see that the auto zooming by is a very familiar looking, 1964 Aston Martin DB5. Though I’m equally eager to see both in action!

I think the only question about this movie is “can the bond girl in this Casino Royale top Ursula Andress in this Casino Royale.” Also, I would love to have seen Peter Sellers as a bond villain.

My brief interest in modern Bond movies ended harshly with that terrible one about the oil pipeline. Tomorrow Never Says Enough, I think. I expected to appease the Danos and willfully suspend my disbelief. However, when I spot no less than three glaringly obvious gaffs during my first (and only) viewing in addition to the impossible action, my brain just can’t take it.

John already beat me to mentioning the other Casino Royale. Even if I don’t see this one, as I almost certainly won’t, some cleverly spliced footage of Sellers in a scene would be great.

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