Oh Baby

Just in case B A Start comes before Royal Toybox on your daily read list Les Garvois have had their baby. Thanks mucho to Esther for keeping us all posted. I have to confess to being on serious tenterhooks after a call involving some kind of broken water.

But you didn’t come to B A Start for baby talk. Instead, I offer you my personal review of Ultraviolet.

Imagine a movie based on a comic book. I don’t mean ‘based on a comic-book character’, I mean written and filmed as if taken directly from the pulpy pages of an illustrated periodical. All of the super-cheesy lines kept. Lots and lots of action which, while good-looking, doesn’t have any purpose. Yick.

Maybe if the fighting was better I would have enjoyed it more, or if I had seen the effects on the big screen… no. No no no. It was just awful.

One reply on “Oh Baby”

Ultraviolet was so bad that I made Scott take me to a chick flick starring Sarah Jessica Parker *and* Matthew McConaughey as pennance for dragging me to it. That’s bad. Almost – but not quite – as bad as Van Helsing.

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