So many K

Now over a week into the post-nanowrimo stupor, I find myself with few thoughts on the event, setting aside the following: I can now say “I have this first draft of a novel” instead of “I’ve been working on a novel”, and this makes me more credible to myself. The revision stage will be long and repetitive, but now I know who the characters are and what they want, how the world works, etc. which makes the first round of re-write just consistency-checking. Still haven’t reached the part where I worry too much about the prose being, you know, good, but when it comes I feel I will be better equipped.

All in all, I recommend the experience. Just being a participant — having a website to go to and flashy wordcount trackers — pushed me to complete draft uno of my magnum space opus, something I’ve been doing little more than putter around with for some time. I’m all for it.

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Soon. I’m in the midst of a first-round revision to clean up any highly embarrassing stuff, and then the distribution can begin.

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