Don’t Read This

Lot of action on the “Alex hates the chosen one” post, much of which consists of Gary reminding me that I should have put SPOILER WARNING in it somewhere. Sorry dude. Trust me — knowing that the parents in Heroes are manipulating things doesn’t ruin a thing. There are only three good things about Heroes: Superpowers, superpowers, and superpowers. And I ain’t talking the USSR.

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I was within 10 miles of Hayden Penatoolazytolookuphername a couple Sundays ago. She was in Indy for the Gaming Nerd Convention, aka GenCon. She was only there on Sunday. I only went on Friday. It was not meant to be. However, I did see the red-haired actress from Farscape. I was so close to her that I actually thought, “Hey, that’s the red-haired actress from Farscape.”

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