Rhymer is up!

Rhymer (my book) is now available in Kindle format.  (FYI – PC, iOS, Blackberry, and Android all have Kindle apps, so those work too.)

Go here to check it out — you can download a sample, which is cool.

Seeing one’s own name on Amazon for the first time… well, let’s just say it adds some gravity.  I’ve been plugging away at this project for months (and the world for years), and now it is let free to sail into the hands of The Reader. I’ve been swinging between excitement and terror since seeing the word “LIVE” last night, and I’m not sure exactly what it’s going to take to make the pendulum stop.  A specific number of sales? The first review? The first BAD review?

Thinking back to the release of The Nightmare Maze at Choice of Games, I seem to remember the jitters subsiding a bit when the iOS reviews started coming out. Some folks said it was 5-star awesome and others loathed it to no end, but all of them felt strongly enough about it to get online and say something. That was a good feeling.

And now to start the next one….

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