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More facets of the same jewel

I’ve posted several times now about the natural combination of my two hobbies — the written word and videogames — and how I can’t seem to separate the two. During my brief but passionate stint in Second Life, I found myself in digital libraries holding digital book-readings. My ardor for the Final Fantasy series reached new heights when FFIII let me use weighty tomes as weapons. The codex-toting archaeologists in Lego Indy found themselves in heavier rotation than was really necessary. On the Rain-slick Precipice of Darkness features Tycho reading at all times, even when shooting evil in its grinning maw, and I just naturally had to unlock his super-weapon.

So, what about Warcraft? Oh yes, gentle reader, I have found a way.

When you’re not killing things in Warcraft, you have a profession. That’s right, a job in a fantasy world. Where’s the fantasy in that, you ask? Well, my profession is Inscription. I make ink and write runes on scraps of paper. These “glyphs” have, unsurprisingly, magic properties, and I sell them for a more-than-tidy profit.

And, as if that wasn’t enough, with the right training and some luck, a scribe like myself can make books. Big old grimoires that lend mighty powers to their holders. For example, I now carry around a book that lets my breathe fire. Fire breath! From holding a book! Marvelous.

The trouble is, sometimes my digital adventures creep into my waking life*. It’s all I can do to take my bright, modern-feeling home office and redecorating it like this:

It’s actually not all that far off, now that I think about it.

*videogames are far more restful for me than sleep. Ask around.

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