Revolution ’76 for the Apple IIGS

And while we’re on the topic of interactive fiction set in the American Revolution, let’s not forget Revolution ’76.

I would love to see the code for this old Apple IIGS game. The number of variables tracked must be of the mind-boggling variety. Patriotism level by region. Foreign support by country based on military successes, the skill of the diplomat, and general lovel of diplomacy. Combat success based on the general’s leadership, skill, and popularity mixed with supply level, morale, and who knows what else.

Revolution ’76 needs the App treatment. It’s one-button gaming, and would do well with the coffee-break gamer.

But we’ve got to do something about the difficulty. Sure, you want to get across that it was pretty hard to unshackle the US from the UK, but come on. 15K to 30K more troops sent across the pond every turn? How am I supposed to combat that? Like most IF, you’ve got to go back and try different approaches, but you’ve got to give me more to go on here. 

For example. Britain atacks Boston with 5,000 troops.

  • Which general do I use to defend it? Lets’s go with the capable Benedict Arnold. 
  • How many Regulars can I get there? Well, that depends on how many you recruited in the last phase. And remember, if you set quotas, the people might riot.
  • How many militia will be there? See above.
  • How we doin’ on supplies? Guess that depends on your tax rate, and whether or not you sent the right diplomat to the right country to ask for support.

And after all that, there appears to be an element of the random built in. WHY DO YOU HATE ME, BRITANNIA SOFTWARE?

Play it here, if you’ve got the minerals.

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Ahhh… I loved this game. It was indeed frustrating at times, but the one time the game play ended with the Yanks invading the British islands and King George suing for peace was very gratifying and what we would now call an “epic win”.

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