I applied for a job this weekend. I’m not actively seeking a new job, but when this passed my field of view, I knew I could not resist. I’ve been checking in now and then since they posted a writing position a while back, and this position is pretty much the same as my current job. Except with more Star Wars. The Lucasfilm site used to have benefits etc posted, and working on the ranch, taking the company sailboat out for a turn about the bay, and living just a few minutes from Frisco sure sounded pretty good to me.

So, I threw together a cover letter and resume detailing my exploits and explaining beyond any doubt why I’m the guy. I pasted ’em into the provided boxes, filled out my personal info, and sent my little baby out into the wide world to see what he could do. But, as I clicked “Submit”, something seemed strange. I hit the back arrow, and there it was, for all the Employment Office to see. My home phone number was wrong.

I have been the office joke at the Ranch for the last few days. Unconfirmed rumors on have stated that the HR folks were seen laughing it up at lunch, talking about “that phone number guy”. “I hope they don’t ask me about attention to detail at the interview, honey.” “Hey, saw you had an opening, give me a call. Oh wait.” Et cetera.

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I did that once with my email address….somehow they managed to find me cause I’ve been working here for almost 4 years. Did you at least get your email address right??

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